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No. Part 9B124542
Product Non Metallic - Nylon 6/6
Price 0
Description Nylon This nonconductive material resists chemicals and solvents, except mineral acids. Temperature range is -40° to +85°C. Rockwell hardness is R105. Not rated for tensile strength, Color is off-white. PVC Provides excellent corrosion resistance against weak acids, alkalis and alcohols. Withstands temperatures up to 48° C. Rockwell hardness is R70. Minimum tensile strength is 5,00 psi. Color is gray. Fiberglass Made of polyurethane reinforced glass fiber for greater strength than nylon screws. Great in corrosive environments. Material is nonconductive and resistant to many chemicals. Temperature range is -40° to +65°C. Not rated for Rockwell hardness. Minimum tensile strength is 27,000 psi. Color is gray. Screw with flange provides a grip on the bearing surface when the screw is tightened. No loose washers needed. Kynar (PVDF) Possesses excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. Also known as PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride), its a tough and durable material. Withstands temperatures up to 140 C. Rockwell hardness is R109. Minimum tensile strength is 6,200 psi. Color is off-white. PTFE Has high dielectric properties so its perfect for electrical applications. Resists moisture and chemicals and has excellent mechanical properties. Temperature range is -73° to +260°C. Rockwell hardness is R58. Minimum tensile strength is 3,000 psi. Color is white.
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