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No. Part 387N2122
Product Coloured - Speedbloc IDC Ribbon Cables
Price 0
Description Colour - Coded ribbon cable with ten colour repeat for use with the Speedbloc® insulation displacement connectors.Consists of stranded round conductors pre-insulated with colour-coded PVC and laminated on specific centres between layers of clear PVC to form a planar cable. May be split into any number of ways by tearing between conductors. The colour coding allows easy circuit tracing and routing, whilst the laminate ensures precise alignment and spacing between conductors, essential during assembly with the connectors.,Each conductor is formed from seven strands of 36 awg (0·13 mm diameter) tinned annealed copper wire, 28 awg (0·08 mm2) overall. UL recognised style 20130.
Catalog page # 419